The UN executive councilEdit

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The 13th UNEC: Frank

Frankcyrus Frankwatson
Frank Underwood 3
Frank Cyrus Frank Watson Frank Undewood
UpLexilo Dalania Dalania Federal Republic of Stahl Flag Stahl Federation
(Lexilo, Shaderia) (Dalania, DPRSJ, Lupaia) (Kaneland, Stahl, Pullonia)

.To do/discussion

From UNGAEdit

  • Presidential Elections
  • Nuclear Justice in ICC

Querys from individual nationsEdit

Achievements/events so farEdit

  • Built and opened a frozen bananna stand in banannalon after being requested by the UN general assembly.
  • Assembled fleet to defend Arsinos from the World Breaker.
  • Set up a page for the UN armed forces and created a threat level scale.
  • Mr Jelly belly was replaced by Draco Malfoy after being assassinated by Serenity. Some disputes over the legality of this.
  • Formalised the proceedings for the International Criminal Court
  • Started construction of the Love Machine (Avengers airborne carrier)
  • Chocodiles are now available at every UNEC buffet as requested by Shaderia.

Voting tableEdit

Each country has one vote, it can vote for itself [this is assumed if it puts up a candidate]

For the time being a member can be a world leader though it is often reccomended that a seperate person from a countrys leader is chosen - it's a busy job!

Remember that there are 3 seats on the council so the 3 highest ranked candidates will all be elected. Therefore it may not be as simple as voting a single favourite in as that may leave the other two places at a stalemate.

Next handover: 20th december (earliest date: 6th Sept)

Country Vote for: Candidate
AAC AAC AAC Frank Turner
FlagrAmun-Seth AAC Frank Turner

Dalania Dalania

Dalania Frank Watson


Dalania Frank Watson

New Kaneland Flag Kaneland

Stahl Frank Underwood


Lexilo Frank Cyrus

Lupaia Lupaia

Dalania Frank Watson

Lupinis draft2 Lupinis

Novak6b Novak

AAC Frank Turner

Oreoflag1 Pullonia

Stahl Frank Underwood

Shaderia Shaderia

Lexilo Frank Cyrus

Federal Republic of Stahl Flag Federal Republic of Stahl

Stahl Frank Underwood
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