The Executive CouncilEdit

The UNEC is the executive branch of the United Nations and is elected by member states. 

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The Current UNEC Edit

23rd UNECEdit

The 23rd UNEC: 9th BUNEC

Marina Barbara Luigi Burlusconi Hercules Grytpype-Thynne Hans Oberhauser
Isimzia Artiria Tyran
Isimzia Artiria Tyran


  • World domination.....

UNEC election table.Edit

  • Earliest election date:' '5th March
  • Election date: 15th July
  • Election called by: Isimzia
Flag Country Candidate Country Candidate 
Aprillia Aprillia Aprillia Sentient Pile o' Orange Goo
Artiria Artiria
Dalania Dalania Dalania J Von Ribbentrop
Sultan2 orange Isimzia
Joe Joe
USK Flag V1 USK USK Uncle Sam
Pippirria flag Pipirria
Salopian Empire Salopia
Dinocolonist Tyran
Flagr Amun-Seth
Cydonia Cydonia
Nabeedh Nabeedh Philandros Albano
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