United Nations of Barvos

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Constitution Lobster Rock Treaty
Barvos United Nations General Assembly
Executive Council Court of Justice
International Law

United Nations of BarvosEdit

Founded by the signing of the Lobster Rock Treaty by 9 nations in Ayralad, the United Nations is the diplomatic hub of Barvos and the standard of international law and co-operation. The constitution is considered the highest law of the UN and delegates power to 3 primary organs: 

  • The General Assembly, seated in Ayrarad, the legislative branch and second highest authority after the constitution. The UNGA vote on laws, actions, constitutional amendments with each full member state getting a vote.
  • The Executive Council, seated in Ayrarad. Obviously the executive branch and is composed of 3 councillors who are collectively responsible for decision making and enforcement of international law among other principle duties. The UNEC councillors are voted in by full member states in a pluralistic multi-member election.
  • The International Court of Justice, seated in Adelet, is the judicial branch responsible for upholding the constitution, providing stability in the UN structure. It also has the duty on settling disputes and bringing justice to those violating international law.

The UN/BUN also has other apparatus and organisations, most notably its armed forces .

Unlike on previous worlds Barvos went for some time without a UN, it is also different to previous manifestations of the UN in that it has a codified constitution which may have contributed to the comparitive lack of powerplay occuring in the Barvos UN, its creators argue it gave the UN clear powers in some areas whilst also giving it limitations as many nations voice concern about infringement on their sovereignty resulting from international laws. In many ways it takes much the same structure having the UNGA at its core and a Executive Council as the head, though the constitution established the ICJ's supreme judicial role which did not exist in the past.

It is debateable if the Barvos United Nations, BUN, should be considered a continuation of previous incarnations of the United Nations or as a distinct entity. 

Member StatesEdit

Code Flag Country Status Vibe
APR Aprillia Aprillia Voting Member
ART Artiria Artiria Voting Member
DAL Dalania Dalania Voting Member
ISZ Sultan2 orange Isimzia Voting Member
JOE Joe Joe Voting Member §
PIP Pippirria flag Pipirria Voting Member
SAL Salopian Empire Salopia Voting Member
TYR Dinocolonist Tyran Voting Member
AMS Flagr Amun-Seth Voting Member
KAN USK Flag V1 USK Voting Member
CYD Cydonia Cydonia Voting Member
NAB Nabeedh Nabeedh Voting Member
SHD Barvos Shaderia New Shaderia Nominal Member §
SRD 10904917 10152969526587156 1638277641 n S.R.O.D. Nominal Member §
BFS Badfikistan Badfikistan Nominal Member

United Nations Administered TerritoryEdit

Flag Territory Status Administration
Ayraradq Ayrarad Constitutional seat of the UN (?)
Thehips The Hips Site of canal construction for vital shared link between ocens (?)

Former membersEdit

Flag Territory Status
Kanelamic state
Kanelamci State Stopped existing after a failed kanesade killed everyone
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