Union of the Spiderpig (USP)

USP Flag

Leader Spiderpig
Capital Rio
Religion  Spiderpig


The USP was founded with 2 member nations United Provinces [former Lexilo] and the Stahl Federation. The nations do retain some national identiy and there is some autonomy at individual state level, each state usually identifying with one of the constituent nations.

Provinces listed alphabetically with territories listed after states

# # Province Status Capital
Stahl federation Atzlund State Atzenberg
Stahl federation Kaylund State Reichendorf
Up Modrid State Madrid
Up Ornago State Zoio
Stahl federation Ostlund State  Stahlberg Stahl Capital
Paramisen1 Up Paramisen State Rio Union Capital
Stahl federation Scharfenlander State Scharfenberg
Up Tocaia State Pegas
Up Varjao State Cabra
Stahl federation Vetlander State Vettin
Up Xehopi State Xehopi UP Capital
Stahl federation Adelphi Territory
Stahl federation Hohepunkt Territory
Stahl federation Taunusstein Territory

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