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Historical Page: Arsinos
The following page is a historical archive from the 2nd Arsonese Era, it is likely no longer kept up to date with current events and may have no bearing on the current map or game.

UN Committee on the status and future of Fusonia

Suggestions for future status of FusoniaEdit

Here are the so far suggested outcomes, more can be added if other suggestions are thought of [for example, another country may be interested

Permanent UNATEdit

  • AAC abstains
  • Shaderia: For, should we not have it this is the best choice.


As a protectorate, semi-autonomous region or fully integrated

  • AAC strongly against - Shaderia can fuck off.
  • Shaderia, for - We are close to each other, Shaderia is very welcoming to all lifestyles and cultures and were our countries connected in an even greater manner then the Suporcian continent could become one of the strongest on the map.

Splitting the country between multiple nationsEdit

This is the most comprimising for external countries seeking influence but would be the least popular and most disruptive amongst Fusonians

  • AAC abstain
  • Shaderia: Against, will somebody think of the children!

Stahl Federation Edit

As a state of the Federation, As a state Fusonia would benefit from a government who's main concern is a strong economy. Also the Federation looks to be the option that would cause least conflict with other nations.

  • AAC is cool with that


Fusonia could become either a protectorate or a state of AAC, where it would be a sanctuary free of Shaderian ideals and would prove very useful to keep the scum at bay. Also, we have a stable and quite large economy, specifically after TV11. And freshly imported Al Falafel kebabs. Which are amazing, surprisingly.

  • AAC very much for.
  • Shaderia, against. This defies all logic, and as proved time after time again AAC hostilities towards Shaderia are unfounded and prove detrimental to the AAC's very own well being. Fusonia would suffer greatly under AAC. I mean just look at what the AAC have said "[Fusonia] would prove very useful to keep the scum at bay," they mean to use an entire country of people as cannon fodder! That us not cool man, not cool at all. 

    • AAC has no intention as using Fusonia as "cannon fodder" and would more simply rather keep it a land free of Shaderian influence.

Sell Fusonia on the open Market by auctionEdit

  • Kaneland: for. Kane industries in interested in aquiring a site for dumping toxic waste.
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