Toastervision 36 is being hosted in Nation of Joe!

After SRD win TV 35, Clint Eastwood announces that the country is too busy to host, and so offers it to those "Donkey Bonkers" in Nation of Joe. The host for this toastervision shall be Milky Joe and dedicated to the Dark Lord Cthulhu!

Milky Joe

Key DatesEdit

Song Submission Deadline: 17/08/2018

Votes Submission Deadline: ???

Results Show: ???

Host cityEdit

Nomad luxury

Toastervision's Moving City

The "Host City" is moving throughout Nation of Joe to fit their nomadic lifestyle. It began in the south and now the TV Tents are making their way up north. The final show shall be by the ocean. 




Write your country name here if you want to take part in the best TV yet!

  • Artiria
  • Biggie Nation
  • Dalania
  • Kynada
  • Memoria
  • Nation of Joe
  • Pippirria
  • Salopia
  • The Isimzian Emerert of Cydonia
  • The Isimzian Emerert of Innovia
  • The Isimzian Emerert of Ketevanistan 
  • The isimzian Emerert of Nabeedh
  • Tokogami
  • Tyran
  • USK

  • Lupinis (Bucketed)

Countries Entering (Song recieved-vote recieved)Edit

Country Song recieved Votes recieved
Artiria Sent / Received Yep

Biggie Nation

Sent / Received
Dalania Sent / Received
DPRSJ Sent / Received
Kynada Sent / Received
Memoria Sent / Received
Nation of Joe Sent / Received
Pippirria Sent / Received
Salopia Sent / Received
Cydonia (TIEO) Sent / Received
Innovia (TIEO) Sent / Received
Ketevanistan (TIEO) Sent / Received
Nabeedh (TIEO) Sent / Received
Tokogami Sent / Received
Tyran Sent / Received
USK Sent / Received
Lupinis* Sent / Received

Song listEdit

To view the playlist cilck on the link below

Toastervision 36!

Country Artist Song Name (URL)
Artiria Poets of the Fall Daze

Biggie Nation

Keane Bed Shaped
Dalania Miracle of Sound Death of Rock n Roll
DPRSJ Phum Viphurit Loverboy
Kynada James Bay Pink Lemonade
Memoria Darius Rucker Straight to Hell
Nation of Joe Vulfpeck 1612
Pippirria Gary's 21 disturbed door pilots Mash UP
Salopia Boney M. Rasputin
Cydonia (TIEO) Gotye Easy Way Out
Innovia (TIEO) Pvris Mind over Matter
Ketevanistan (TIEO) Norayr Kartashyan etc. Dzknorsneri Par
Nabeedh (TIEO) HIM Sweet Pandemonium
Tokogami Hyi Misery
Tyran Fallout Boy Centuries
USK The Silent Comedy Bartholemew
Lupinis* Eisenfunk Pong


# Country Artist Song Points

How to VoteEdit

We shall be using the 12 point system used in actual Eurovision voting. This means that you must assign each country points thusly:

  • 1st Place - 12 Points
  • 2nd Place - 10 Points
  • 3rd Place - 8 Points
  • 4th Place - 7 Points
  • 5th Place - 6 Points
  • 6th Place - 5 Points
  • 7th Place - 4 Points
  • 8th Place - 3 Points
  • 9th Place - 2 Points
  • 10th Place - 1 Point
  • 11th Place - 0A
  • 12th Place - 0B
  • 13th Place - 0C and so on

You MUST rank all the songs because if a country pulls out then the votes for its song entry must be redistributed to lower ranked countries.

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