View from just outside Faraviera

The Day The World Died was the name given to a colossal nuclear war during the final days of Arsinos. It was so desctructive it left almost the entire planet as an uninhabitable wasteland within just a few hours. It was the event that signalled the end of Arsinos.

The EventEdit

The AAC government, insane, paranoid and forced into living inside their own bunker, launched 9 nuclear strikes against the rest of the world, hitting Stahl, SE, Lexilo, Sapphire Isles, Kaneland and Dalania. The Axis of Awesome responded by sending multiple nukes to AAC, obliterating it almost completely. Stahl took the opportunity to send multiple nukes to URPA, which all missed do to URPA's large amount of defensive measures. URPA responded by nuking Stahl, Aberdeshia and the Falkland Islands. Arsinos would never be the same again.

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