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Historical Page: Arsinos
The following page is a historical archive from the 2nd Arsonese Era, it is likely no longer kept up to date with current events and may have no bearing on the current map or game.

President Rebecca Black
Birthplace: The Internet


Role: President

Party: United Randocratic Front

Residence: Presidential Palace, Lotiripol 

Pets: Moonmoon

Languages: Spanish, English, Russian

Death: Xehopi hospital, after being in bulding struck by Kaneland missile

Rebecca Black was born of the internet famous through the epic song friday.

How a bullied internet singer came to rule an entire country with an iron first and the leader of the randocratic world at such a young age is often wondered. Officially she was appointed president for life 'Randocratically' and questioning this fact aloud could land a person in a Novakerozian prison. 

Her childish (teenish?) naivity and playfulness is to some extent genuine and rather tedious for all other high-ranking officials and advisors. It is also all the same a front to disguise the cunning, plotting, calculating being within - to lure adversaries and manipulated into a false sense of security. She is known to be 'accidentally' famous with an allegedly ill-conceived song but an analysis of the intricacies of the song Friday reveal something a lot more sinister is at play. People just don't get it man. 

President for lifeEdit

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Role in Novak and ArsinosEdit

Relations with foreign leadersEdit

Black has held Lupinis leader Moonmoon as a captive pet against his will which leads to some complications in Lupinis-Novak relations. She is also BFFs with Taylor Swift who was influenced by Black to create the Randocratic Party of Lexilo






Many statues of Rebecca Black persist to this day, in each town in Novak, with the exception of Isimzia, the Religious militias in which tore them down. The statues depict her in various states of Leadership or musical recital and following her death as an angel [such as the one in Dalania that the Dalanians have agreed to maintain]. The most famous one actually persists outside of Novak in the city of Shrewsbury in the town centre from the occupation period - it is an important symbol to Novakeroz expats and to Novak expansionists.

Recently the United Provinces announced the construction of a statue in the centre of Xehopi

Conspiracy TheoriesEdit

There has been much mystery following her burial, and since her death her song "Saturday" was released that sparked mania resulting in many secretive arrests, interrogations and arguably started the Friday revolution in UP and the Saturday war against Lupinis


2nd DeathEdit

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