A list of Orkz to keep an eye out for! They'll make your adventures on Barvos a living hell if you piss them off...

Gorknuk CrushaEdit

A general pain in the ass. Not only a powerful warrior, worthy of any Operative, but the only Ork capable of uniting the divided race into a common purpose - something definitely worth avoiding. There are subtle rumours that he is in league with a 'darker force', as it's called, but these are probably just rumours. Even without allies, Crusha is dangerous enough alone.

He can mostly be found at Orgrimmar, the Orkish capital, where he normally sits around beating other Orkz up for funsies.

Weirdboy TwankaEdit

Ork by dron111-d5gvahs
Another one to watch out for.

You won't find him in any cities, or in large Ork hordes. What seperates Twanka from the other Orkz are his magical abilities, which can render an entire army useless in a heartbeat. Whilst not particularly war-hungry, he is particularly territorial and has a habit of appearing when Ork lands are being threatened - the more Ork tribes are antagonised, the more likely it is that he will appear and provide ruin and destruction to the armies unfortuntate enough to be in his firing line...

Captain Balls-EyeEdit

Worth a headache or two, this one.

A notable Ork pirate of ludicrous influence, Captain Balls-eye's infamous fleet is responsible for collecting most of the slaves that Orkz tend to sell at Orgrimmar. His fleet are masters of lootin', blowin' up and sinkin' entire fleets, either for a purpose or just for fun!

The Captain earned his name from his eye-patch, which is supposedly made out of a genuine human scrotum. We don't know who's... 

Dinky da DiplomatEdit

'Dinky', which is apparently a euphamism for something, is probably one of the only Orkz in existance who isn't a massive pain in the ass... sort of.

Dinky believes that he is actually a trans-species - a human trapped in the body of an Ork. As such, he tries his best to dress, act and socialise like a human. He doesn't do a very good job - it normally ends in hilariously violent stomping. Dinky's main job will be to act as a diplomat for the whole Ork race, providing information to the humans about his race and, at times, acting as the negotiator between them. He will likely take a seat on the UN as a diplomat.

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