Juana Leocadia Ramona

Age: "Who the fock is asking?"

Former Occupation: Rehab Worker




Ay cajones!! or Pass me the cocaine hombre!

Juana is a sassy independent minded hispanic chick who has severe mental issues not least of all addiction. She was born a man, Juan.

Due to her severe drug problem in the past, she has huge difficulty discerning between reality and hallucination as she (he) was exposed to some extraordinary circumstances that seem highly improbable to witness unless you're on drugs or something. In addition her memory is highly damaged and what she does remember she assumes may be a bad (or good) trip. Consequently she may have a hard time trusting the rest of the outlaws, and this is compounded by the fact she dissappeared from the group for an extended period of time stuck in outland, a situation that confused matters but also gave her time to fight her addiction. Her current health is therefore hard to discern.

Early life on ArsinosEdit

Juan had a good childhood and many prospects, it is not known where he grew up but it is thought to be anyway between Cadra UP to Lotiripol, Novak. As a young adult he studied at Lotiripol University department of pharmacology from which he graduated with intent to go into medicine. With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to explore he wanted to expand his horizons by flying over to Loveshack, a United Nations Administered Territory and seat of the United Nations on Arsinos. Here he found many opportunities and started work in a rehab facility set up to curb the endemic cocaine problem the lax-law Loveshack had become so notorious for.

The TransformationEdit



Unfortunately, the scale of the cocaine problem in Loveshack can not be understated, it seemed insurmountable and the rehab clinics were overwhelmed beyond their capabilities and further wrecked by goonds working for profiteers of the cocaine industry. Juan became increasingly dispondent and became depressed, lethargic, homesick. In a bitter twist of irony poor Juan fell victim to the crisis he was trying to combat when addicts in the rehab facility pressured him into doing drugs - they often had done but now it seemed all the cool kids were doing it, Felicia Day, Mayor Stubbs, Mayor Moley, even the UNEC! 

Long story short his life went downhill and it wasn't long before he went from hero to hobo. The crazy kind. The really crazy fucked up kind.

Flight: the other transformationEdit

Juan eventually ran into trouble with the local authorities and booked a plane ticket to GTFO Loveshack as far away as he could, this was the plane that crashed in the blasted lands that formed the new avengers, and sparked the World Breaker campaign. He gained Flight and eventually went on to gain pyromancy.

Transformers III: The Identity crisisEdit

(For reasons not remembered) Juan was turned into a woman by blacklight, this is a change that stuck and continues to cause confusion. 

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