The International Court of Justice in Adelet (Ayralad territory) is the judicial branch of the United Nations . In the Barvosi UN the ICJ takes on the same role as the ICC did on Arsinos though has a broader jurisdiction than just criminal law. The ICJ also settles internatl disputes in the UN and provides interpretation of the constitution

Justice ProceedingsEdit

Supreme JudgeEdit

See Previous Supreme Judges for a list of all previous and current judges

Judge Death is the current Supreme Judge

SJ Rotation:Edit

  • Artiria until 18th Feb 17
  • Joe until 29th April 17
  • Pipirria until 8th July 17
  • Aprillia until 16th september 17
  • Isimzia until 25th november 17
  • Tyran until 3rd febuary 18
  • ___ until 14th april 18

UN members can add themselves to the bottom of the rotation and also remove themselves from rotation.


Adam SandlerEdit

Still at large, like your mother. He is wanted for the crime of being terrible and making terrible films. Many think that the Innovian man Sadam Blandler  may be his new front but Innovia hotly contests this. Innovia has previously had a temporary suspension for harbouring Blandler.


Considered a security risk to the people of Barvos, wanted dead or alive. Believed to be wandering in Salopian wilderness.

Iain Duncan SmithEdit

Wanted for defying the (arbitrary) ban on Iain Duncan Smiths, rumoured to be hiding in Isimzia. Isimzian forces on the case


Charged with the assasination of Supreme Judge Shakira


Wanted for multiple crimes, including the murder of Cayden Masher, the murder of hundreds of civilians of almost all nationalities and, lets not forget, attempting to exterminate the human race with dragons and zombies.

Future TrialsEdit

Previous TrialsEdit

Grand Kaliph and Katie HopkinsEdit

Accused of seperate crimes, Khopkins was awaiting extradition though was named by the Kaliph as his champion in trial by combat, with the prosecutor Cayden Masher choosing Tawh. Despite being able to use the perverted moon as a weapon Khopkins was eaten by Tawh though the Kaliph escaped execution on the back of a titan. Eventually the 20th UNEC threatened KS with revokation and KS sent the Kaloph back to the BUN, the BUN then sufferred a period of neglect during the Western Colonial war between KS and Isimzia and their respective allies. Upon the conclusion of the war and the resumption of normal activity in Ayralad the Kaliph was discovered in a cell fat and insane. The Kaliph was arrested after the BUNGA issued a warrant in response to his deal with the criminal Von Karstons and Syndicate.

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