Throughout history nations have competed in many different international competitions of sport, games and music. 


Undisputedly the most prominent of all international events since map 5. Whilst many of the civilizations and cultures of this era have long since fell and it has almost faded beyond memory and even history the Toastervision remains strong and nearly at its 25th edition. 

The Toastervision is a musical competition between all the worlds nations, in which nations rate eachothers songs on a 12 point scale, Eurovision is a cheap, tacky rip off of the Toastervision. Toasterivision also lasts longer and is also a music festival.

It is perhaps the single most sacred event with wars being paused and treaties formed to enable full participation an running of the event.

Formula ToastEdit

Racing like F1 with each nation hosting a race in a global contest (usually). Trackmania


Hoop and StickEdit

Gladiator TournamentEdit

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