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"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall" -Confucius

This is a broad overview of humanities history as far as the Mapzorians have been able to uncover. Mapzorian history so far has been dominated by a cycle of colonising a world, inhabiting it for generations before having to evacuate to a new world due to hostile conditions which are usually at our own hands. History is therefore told as a series, each world being its own story - with 3 main sections based on what we know about them respectively.

Ancient Times (Pre-Numerals)acEdit

Very little is stored or remembered of this time period, a map of Ancient Arsinos is the oldest surviving evidence of civilization but there is little clue to what life is like. This period is often known as the First Arsinese Era

Ancient ArsinosEdit


The First Map

History begins in Ancient Arsinos, a simpler time where names such as Birtland, Alec Empire and Packwood Federation demonstrate the Autocratic nature of what have often been refered to as the 'First Kings' of nations. Many of these nations were lost to history, some evolved - some even existed until the recolonisation of Arsinos (Lexilo).

The ruins of these civilization were found after the recolonisation - a return to Arsinos by humanity - the landscape has changed drastically between inhabitations.

What happened on Ancient Arsinos and how humanity came to leave it is unknown. There is, however, a strong theory...

The Numeral Planets (Pre-Arsinos)Edit

Civilization became more advance, more records were kept and the cycle stabilised, the foundation of many of the civilizations we know today were formed early in this period.

Map IEdit

Map IIEdit

Map IIIEdit

Map IVEdit

Map VEdit

Map VIEdit

Map VIIEdit

Map VIIIEdit

Countries started fairly evenly in this world, the Andese originate from here whilst the Ping, Pangaean and Tokogami nations largely died out. Map VIII saw the union of Shropshire, Landland and Ingtaly creating the Salopian Empire whilst Shaderia consolidated large amounts of land peacefully. The Welsh threat returned in overwhelming numbers but was quickly subdued by a large natural disaster. The UN was lead by Gordon Ramsay from a magical floating pizza in the ocean which gave the UN inherant strength. The world ended in a nuclear war.

Arsinos (Map IX )Edit

Often refered to as the Second Arsinese Era.

Barvos (Map X)Edit

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