A Goliath is a bio-mechanical machine, considered to be the pinnacle of Arsinese engineering. It is a complex mix of advanced A.I, Blacklight infusions and highly advanced weaponry. Goliath's have the ability to change their molecular properties and absorb a near limitless amount of incoming energy types. The first Goliath designs were created and deployed by the Machine God

The Goliath has been designed with the sole purpose of killing Custodis, such as the Outlaws or the Dark Avengers, as it can effortlessly replicate all of their powers at once. They serve as highly unsubtle assassins.


The method by which a Goliath is created is long and complex, and is mostly nothing more than theories at these point. Molten metal is poured over concentrated Blacklight, both of which are then vaporised and then left to condense and freeze again, utterly unifying their properties. The resulting compound is then shaped into the Goliath's main body. The body is then armed, and fitted with advanced programming. Weapons are normally mounted onto the machine at this point too. All Goliaths, however, are able to shift their physical state and adapt to any situation, and are able to turn themselves into almost any type of weapon.

All Goliath's require advanced A.I to operate, though future models are predicted to require a pilot instead.


There is currently only one Goliath model in existence. As the blueprint for these machines become more readily available, more models are expected to be put into production.

  • MK I - Remedy model. Designed by the Machine God with the express purpose of killing the Outlaws.
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