Name: Fynx

Species: Titan

Alignment: Neutral Good

Affiliation: The Skybound

First Appearance:


Status: Deceased (Dementia)

Fynx is a youngling titan, and a member of the Skybound brood. Biologically, he inhabits the body of a feral titan and so possesses four eyes. Although ferals normally do not possess wings, Fynx was grown a pair by Calas Typhon, who created the feral race in the first place.

His consciousness was transfered to the feral's body after it came into contact with Pandora's Box. Fynx is believed to be a copy of one of the deceased mutants.

Fynx has also displayed that he is capable of powerful chronomancy, though he has little to no control over it, making him the only chronomancer on the planet. Incidentally, it also makes him the most powerful character in the game, surpassing even Cayden.

He is also very small, standing at less than half a meter, and weigh just under half what his brothers and sisters do.


  • Fynx has an unexplainable fear of Echo. At one point, he even sent Echo on a mission to save Amethyst's life though knowing it would kill Echo. Echo survived, however, proving that Fynx's predictions are some inaccurate.
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