Formula Toast is the increasingly popular motorsport racing spectacular which is building up to an international grand prix. It is beleived the Formula Toast Grand Prix is what Earths Formula 1 racing was based on, as with Eurovision being a rip off of the Toastervision.

Trackmania NationsEdit

The Formula Toast is played by Mapzor players on the awesome game Trackmania Nations Forever which can be downloaded on steam or from the website [to download click the TM1 mod, the TM2 download is a different game]

Arsinos ModEdit

It has been proposed, due to the limitations of customisation, that an Arsinos mod is to be made with the players personal skins replacing the default Earth nations skins amongst other details such as stadium decorations. This is apparently unviable, however a mini-mod that replaces the Earth flags in the stadium with Arsinos flags will be available.


The main competition in the sport is the Formula Toast Grand Prix [FTGP], the 1st of which still requires much organisation

# Competition Organiser N Winner
1 Arsinos Grand Prix ABU 4 JJ Moreau (Lupaia)
2 Barvos Grand Prix TBA TBA TBA


Below is a table of teams expressing interest in participation, the 'Earth Nation' column is only a technical detail for the Arsinos Mod and indicates which Earth Nation from the default game setting is being replaced with an Arsinos Nation.

Team Captain TM Username Earth Nat.s
AAC AAC hungary
Flagr Amun-Seth Wall-E benji_as GER
Dalania Dalania Kurt 'Iceman' Mac FRA
New Kaneland Flag Kaneland Do Ping-Isfun kaneland cz
Lupaia Lupaia Jeff "Joker" Moreau Ded10c GBR
Novak6b Novakerozia Rebecca Black novakblack ITA, RUS
Shaderia Shaderia Keira Hagai deathbunny218 NZL
Stahl federation Stahl andy_stahl nl, 

Team cars:

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