Dustfire Valley is a location is northern Outland, currently controlled and inhabited by the Ceph. It is notable as being the primary base of operations for the Ceph militia. It is also infamous for supposedly being the resting place of the World Breaker. It is a volcanic land made inhabitable only by the passive nature of the active volcano, Blackrock Mountain.


Dustfire Valley is generally unstable. Magma flows ebb out of every mountain and there are very few 'safe spots' that are actually capable of supporting life. Only the Ceph know these safe spots, and how to navigate between them. Those who do not know would quickly fall through unstable grounds and burn to death.

Blackrock MountainEdit


Blackrock Mountain, seen in the distance.

Blackrock Mountain is the peak of Dustfire Valley, and the home of the World Breaker. Though the land was formed by an active volcano, the mountain itself is relatively harmless. A major eruption has not been recorded for thousands of years, the first being during the supposed 'birth' of the World Breaker.

Since the World Breaker has not been seen since the Blackrock's first eruption, there are many that wonder if the volcano itself is actually the World Breaker. The arguement as that the eruption is what killed most of the soldiers fighting over Outland (as detailed in Outland's history section).


The bowels of Ratchet


Ratchet is the Ceph city, where the powerful militia are sent when the soldiers volunteer to be trained. It is built upon almost furnace level temperatures, and the Ceph who live there have become climatised to the almost unbareable heat. Population levels in Ratchet are relatively low, as only the militia live here. It is also nearby Ratchet's Gate, which can be used to send forces directly to Arsinos if need be. Due to its proximity to the World Breaker, and its powerful defences, Ratchet is possibly one of the most powerful military cities in existance.

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