"A lot of money goes to money-heaven" - Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson

The following is a summary of global currencies, some are used in multiple countries, unofficial/de facto in italics

Currency Central bank Used in Symbol Code
Pvris Au Innovian Republic, SE £ PVS
Cards Paramorius Glorious Kingdom of Aprillia, Amun-Seth CRD
Dollar Cadia Tyran, DPRSJ, Kentuckey, Ukane $ TYR
Kanish Dollar Kanes Reserve USK KAD
Crea Shadowspire New Shaderia Φ CRE
Soldurn Lumis SRoD SOL
Glen's Mark N/A Nation of Joe Ǥ GMK
Pip Veen Pippiria, Fusonia, Tokogami PIP
Denar Esterriver Dalania DNR
Kemeri Isimzia Isimzia, Badfikistan, Biggie Nation, Artiria IRK
Indie Cred AAC AAC AIC
Kynada Kynada

Coinage and NotesEdit

Currency Value Image
In Kane We Trust
Crea Coin
Glen's Mark 2
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