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Historical Page: Arsinos
The following page is a historical archive from the 2nd Arsonese Era, it is likely no longer kept up to date with current events and may have no bearing on the current map or game.

Code Name Location Time Status
ABH AAC Airbourne Harington Harington LSS-5 active
ACA Shaderian new world Acolyte Air NW New world c//
AED Lornon flag The Aerodrome Myrth LSS+9 active
AGB Stahl federation Silberburg International Silberburg active
ALF Novak6b The Snickers Skyport Falafelopolis LSS+3 active
APL AAC Airport Lunaea Port Lunaea LSS-6 active
ASI Flagr Amun Seth International Devil's Crag LSS-2 active
BNL 600px-Uno unpalogo.svg Bananalon Airstrip Bananalon LSS+5 active
CAR Cardiff Intl' Cardiff active
CLA AAC Claraelia Claraelia LSS-5 con
CLY Dalania Calrydian Airport Calrydia LSS+2 Active
CMP AAC Cosmopolita Cosmopolita LSS-6 soon
CDR Stahl federation Cadra International Cadra LSS+3 Active
CYH DPRSJproposal State Airport of Cypress Hill Ravetown LSS+5 active
DBR AAC Donoritia International Donoritia LSS-5 c//
DET AAC Deltaea Internation Deltaea LSS-3 active
ESC AAC Escape To Haringtopia New Campesinos LSS-4 active
FFF Shaderian new world Faerie Flights Avlee c/
FVP AAC Faravi-air-a Faraviera LSS-3


GHI Shaderian new world Griffonheart International Erathia active
HLW AAC Hayley Williams International Airport Paramoria LSS-7 active
ICA Shaderia Icarus Air Solarchapel LSS-5 active
IOD New Kaneland Flag Doom Air Island Of Doom LSS+11 active
KLP Stahl federation Kalopsia International Kalopsia LSS+5 active
KVK Stahl federation Kasselberg International Kasselberg LSS+4 active
LHA Stahl federation Last Hope Airport New Paramoria LSS+4 active
LLI Salopian Empire Landland Intl' central landland LSS+5 active
LVS Shaderia Levingstone International 5,7 (8,10) LSS+0 active
NFL DPRSJproposal New Falafel Airways New Falafel LSS+5 active
OAS Shaderia Oasis International Oasis LSS-8 active
OPO Stahl federation Porto International Porto LSS+1 active
PAN AAC Panopticon International Panopticon LSS-3 construction
PGS Stahl federation Pegas International Pegas LSS+1 Active
PLA AAC Palaria Palaria LSS-3 con
PNX Shaderia Phoenix Flights Scorch active
PUL Oreoflag Jizz airport London LSS-9 Active
RDF Stahl federation

Reichendorf International

Reichendorf active
RIO Stahl federation Rio International Rio LSS+3 active
RLB 600px-Uno unpalogo.svg Rock Lobster Airfield Loveshack LSS+0 active
ROL Fusonia Rolling Stone International Rollertown LSS-6 active
RRN Novak6b Novakerozia National Isimzia LSS+2 active
SAL Dalania Sarlukan National Sarluka LSS+2 active
SHR Salopian Empire Shrewsbury IA Shrewsbury active
SNA Novak6b South Novak Airport S.Novak LSS+2 active
SPA AAC Serranoia Airways Serranoia LSS-4 active
STL Stahl federation Stahlberg International Stahlberg LSS+5 active
SUA Dalania Suno International Airport Island of Suno active
TAL DPRSJproposal Transatlantic Airways Transatlantica LSS+6 active
TBR Stahl federation Tabula Rasa International Airport Cheddar LSS+5 Active
THA Flagr Top Hat Airport Top Hat Island LSS-7 active
UNL Lupaia Destral Destral active
VTI Stahl federation Vettin International Vettin active
VIT AAC Vitriola Airport Vitriola LSS-6 Active
ZOI Stahl federation Zoio International Zoio LSS+2


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