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Historical Page: Arsinos
The following page is a historical archive from the 2nd Arsonese Era, it is likely no longer kept up to date with current events and may have no bearing on the current map or game.

Anne "Catwoman" Hathaway
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Birthplace: Lotiripol

Citizenship: Novakerozian

Role: Catwoman (Avenger)

Residence: Unknown

Anne Hathaway, a runaway daughter to an expat couple living in Lotiripol, made a name for herself as a star, it was eventually revealed she had a much darker side to her.

Originally thought to be a personable and admirable hollywood actress with people hating on her out of irrationality and jealousy, a study revealed that this lady is infact evil as demonstrated in the following video: no specific offense has been cited, she became widely regarded as one of the most hated people on Arsinos.

The resulting isolation drove her to cat-lady levels of crazy, she was witnessed in the suburbs of Lotiripol going catshit crazy having a breakdown, eventually these reports died down and she was not seen for ages - When she was next sighted it was during a heist in Isimzia which lead to a dramatic rooftop chase involving mad parkour and martial arts skills and probably explosions. She was ultimately caught by the Novak intelligence agency which promised her a pardon if she used these skills to serve the Novak state instead of being a giant douche. 

It is speculated she works directly for an agency of Novak, but she has also recently commited to the Avengers to help clear her name of wrongdoings publically. So far this has not gone well after the kidnap of Stubbs of which she was the original perpetrator, though she has since blamed Meredith .

She attempts to use the psuedonym Selina Kyle but despite her best efforts everyone still calls her Anne.


She was eventually considered a veteran avenger having being key to many missions but was killed in a massive death pit in a failed attempt to locate and rescue Kane Jr.

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