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Historical Page: Arsinos
The following page is a historical archive from the 2nd Arsonese Era, it is likely no longer kept up to date with current events and may have no bearing on the current map or game.

The second debate was the main and official debate of the Arsinos Presidential Election and took place prior to the second series of run off votes.



AAC was keen to host the next debate given its impending doom by war, civil war and societal collapse, horsemen etc. As security worsened many raised concernes if bringing all the candidates to the least safe country on Arsinos was a wise idea, especially after the ordeal during the first debate with Cayden Masher appearing wherest he could have potentially murdered everyone. 

Eventually Palaria was agreed upon given it's comparitive safety and security compared to the rest of the country and links to the rest of the world as a result of the TV18 being hosted there


After the Elimination of Ula, The Devil, Nixon and the Sultan, 8 candidates remain.


The Ark and/or ApocalypseEdit



  • When asked about war Johnny C just waved his cock around
  • Black said that on the one hand many leaders are warmongering, opportunistic and landgrabby whilst on the other hand many lack balls to intervene and put a stop, she declared war on CIS for invading Dalania.

Fate of ParamoriaEdit

Your motherEdit

  • Johnny C claims to have done all of your mothers.
  • Rebecca Black has commented on what a nice mother you have.

Other DiscussionEdit

Barrowman = Machine GodEdit

Johnny CEdit

  • Johnny C passed out in the aisle and wet himself. No one in the room helped him up and disregarded him despite his nakedness


  • Black promised to ensure hurricanes meet safety standards and that there would be no discrimination between hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones
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